Moving out? Refreshing your house? Give us your lightly used furniture and we’ll make sure it gets to the right place. Just as easy as leaving your old club chair on the street, The Nest Fund will have a driver come pick up your gently used furniture from your doorstep and deliver it to a person who needs it.
Can’t afford a dining room table to fit your family at? Contact The Nest Fund, we’ll find one for you, we’ll deliver and assemble it… it’s on us!
What happens if we receive an item that we feel is not usable in another persons house? Don’t worry, we donate it to schools or sell the items and use the money for charges that the nest fund may have. Any items that get donated will end up helping someone in need.
Interior designer Joyce D. Silverman, watched way too many useable items get thrown away and came up with The Nest Fund to alleviate the waste. As clients redo their homes she asks them to donate their old furniture then moves it into a storage space. She delivers the furniture to their new home the way you would receive a new piece of furniture. The family can receive the items with dignity and she can turn a dark home into a bright one adding a place for a family to sit around together or a couple to sleep together.
Joyce’s goal is to spread the concept of The Nest Fund to other interior designers who encounter the same problem of throwing away gently used furniture because you would be surprised what kind of smiles a new sofa could put on a family who needs one.