unnamed  2017 Finalist, IDAs Innovation in Design Awards, NYC&G
For over 20 years Joyce D. Silverman has been recognized as a visual storyteller, designing celebrated spaces in many of New York City’s most desirable properties. Her use of harmony, contrast and nuance have been lauded for creating self-expressive home interiors, which are just as unique as her discerning clientele. She has partnered with the esteemed Carlos Falchi, Isabella Fiore, Century 21, Vida Shoes, Andre Assous , Hana Anderson, Espirit, Phat Farm, and Hello Kitty. Her work has also appeared in numerous interior design magazines.
She is also the founding partner of iDorm. Having purchased her grandmother’s previous home, Joyce understands firsthand that interior design is at times a lifestyle change. In these instances, experience is the best personal curator. While bucolic may become mod, there’s never a replacement for cherished memories; but, redesigns help kindle new ones. What’s posh can be equally functional and what’s rare and crystalline perfectly household safe. Her signature interiors have graced fine dining restaurants, elegant hotels, beautiful homes and charming farmhouses, as well as a host of contemporary renovations such as corporate offices and department stores.
For Joyce, the ballet, theater or a Tuscan morning may inspire a new kitchen interior or living room space. All her design ideas begin in rich and engaging environments. Joyce attended the Parsons School of Design and is an active advocate for education, contributing a large portion of her time to mentoring others. This includes public speaking, directing workshops and seminars, and donating interior projects to schools in need. Joyce has a started a charity called the Nest Fund which collects gently used furniture to donate to families in need.



  • Interior Design
  • Custom Curation
  • Furnishing & Renovation


  • Retail and Corporate Design
  • Brand-driven Curation
  • Commercial Renovations


  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Storage
  • Bathroom and Living